The Importance of Being A Family

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You only get one family in life. Yes, you may marry into one, your team mates, whether on a playing field, or at the office may feel like family, but you and other members of your family share a genetic bond that can never be duplicated.

I’ve heard people complain about how messed up their family is, and unfortunately, sometimes they truly are. But I’ll let you in on a little secret, everyone’s family is dysfunctional to at least some degree.

We’re only human

When we were young, many of us thought of our elder family members as some type of super humans. Stronger, smarter, more compassionate and helpful than anyone else. But as we grow older, we begin to see these people for what they truly are, human.

Humans aren’t perfect and we all make mistakes, but when a family member screws up, it’s good to know that all will be forgiven and forgotten.

Nothing else really matters

You can have the perfect job, that earns you tons of money. You can live in a beautiful house, drive a luxury car, and belong to all the right social clubs, but without your family’s love and respect, you may as well be homeless.

Before it’s too late

It’s important to tell your family just how much they mean to you and how important it is to have them in your life. Because lets face it, there is no guarantee on how long any of us will be here.

Have you ever stopped to think about where you would be today in life if not for your family?

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