Questioning Your Love? Asking the Right Questions Will Give You the Answer to Love Today!

Have you been married so long that the romance has fizzled out?

Or are you single and tired of having relationships that just don’t work out?

Asking all the right questions will change your relationships forever, bringing you closer than you ever imagined possible.

Not long ago, psychologist Arthur Aron conducted a study which was featured in the New York Times. Two strangers were given 36 questions to ask each other. Over the course of the evening, they fell in love.

Thanks to Dr. Aron’s research, it inspired the creation of 1,000 Questions for Couples, a comprehensive way to delve deeper into the world of your spouse or someone you’re just starting to date.

Do you miss having long and fulfilling conversations with your spouse?

Are you yearning to get your love back to where it was when you first said, “I do”?

Or do you simply have trouble sharing things about your past or your current desires and dreams?

These questions will probe deeper than mundane questions about which flavor of ice cream you like the best.

These questions are designed to truly get to know someone and at the end of it, you’ll find fulfillment and enlightenment in your existing relationship or pave the way for a proper relationship with someone you’ve just begun to know.

The 1,000 questions cover a variety of topics from personality and feelings to moral convictions and beliefs; hobbies to careers and romance to sex.

Worried it might not work for you?

Even the most doubtful people have gone on to turn broken marriages around with this incredible life-changing book that was even featured on Oprah!

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