She Cheated. Now What?

Should I Stay or GoDo I stay and try to work things out with her or should I leave and go on with my life?

The decision to reconcile or divorce after your wife cheats on you is a complex one. Everyone has to make their own decisions as to whether that involves continuing in the marriage or getting a divorce.

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How to Deal With The Pain of Her Affair


pain of her affair

Did your wife’s affair happen recently or was it many years ago? Does it seem like no matter how hard you try you can’t get it out of your mind, the pain keeps gnawing at your heart giving you no peace? Does it feel like your pain would never end? Getting over infidelity and healing the emotional wounds is no small task. It takes herculean effort and fortitude to deal with.

But the truth is the pain won’t last forever unless you do nothing about it. Be assured that you are not consigned to live the rest of your life being bitter and resentful.

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Can an Affair Ever be Helpful in a Marriage?

affair helpfulAre affairs a good thing for a marriage? That depends on which side of the coin you’re on. It certainly is helpful for the cheater who gets all the fun, excitement and their ego stoked, but it is definitely not helpful for the the marriage  nor the betrayed spouse who has to deal with all the emotional trauma that follows in the wake of an affair.

I know from firsthand experience that infidelity causes a lot of hurt and pain and can lead to divorce. While there are countless couples whose marriages were devastated by infidelity that went on to build a stronger relationship and a better marriage, it wasn’t because of the affair, but rather all the blood, sweat and tears that is involved in overcoming infidelity.

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Dealing With Infidelity in Marriage: The Keys to True Reconciliation


dealing with infidelity

Is it possible to have your marriage be devastated by an affair and still be able to reconcile with your former wayward spouse?

There are many positive stories of couples who have dealt with or are dealing with infidelity in their marriages, successfully overcome it and went on to rebuild a better relationship, but is it really possible for you to reconcile with your cheating spouse? Or are those couples whose marriages survive an affair just lucky?

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Struggling with recovery from betrayal in your relationship? Cheating hurts. But healing doesn’t have to. Start Healing Today!