Your Husband Cheated On You. You Just Can’t Stop Thinking About It

husband cheated

Are the disturbing images of your husband with his lover haunting you?

Do you find yourself visually imagining your husband being with his lover, over and over again.

Learning that your husband has cheated on you can leave you feeling desperately unhappy, lonely and yearning for simpler times.

A happily married couple shares extraordinary intimacy, both physical and mental. But in the aftermath of his betrayal, you find yourself plagued with visual images of the affair that haunt you day and night.

Obviously, you need to find a way to stop obsessively imagining how it was when your husband took his lover in his arms. That way lies madness.

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Why Me? Understanding a Cheating Spouse

cheating spouseWe can all imagine what it must be like to learn that your beloved spouse has had an affair – or we think we can.

It is not until you happen upon that passionate text message written to your husband or realize that your wife has not really been working late but has been spending evenings at a local hotel with a coworker that you know how you will react.

Learning that your spouse has been intimate with another is a crushing experience. It is not, however, one that you and your marriage cannot survive.

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Advice to Couples on How to Rebuild Trust After Infidelity [Podcast]

Ask most experts and they’ll tell you that how to rebuild trust is one of the hardest things to accomplish after an affair. For the cheater it means you need to show your spouse that you are sincere in trying to regain his/her trust. Which means that you have to become trust-worthy and transparent or in other words become an open book. The betrayed spouse also has to learn how to trust the cheater all over again.


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By the way, if you really want to know how to regain trust after infidelity, check out this free Podcast: “What About Trust?: Restoring And Rebuilding.” In this Podcast you are going to learn how to rebuild trust with your spouse and save the marriage.

You Had an Affair – And Now You Really Want Your Husband Back

TrustPerhaps you never really thought about having an affair but then found yourself intensely attracted to the new guy in the office – the playful, quick-witted, handsome one that you have been working so closely with – and you lost your bearings.

Whatever your specific situation looks like, you had the affair that you never thought you’d have.

And you really want your husband back. You want to earn back his trust.

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To Catch a Cheating Spouse; Should You Use a Private Investigator if You Suspect They’re Cheating?

catch a cheating spouseIf you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, you are either right or wrong. But either way knowing for sure is better than the uncertainty of not knowing at all. Certainly you can snoop around yourself, but can you handle the stress involved? The biggest problem with self snooping though is letting your emotions get in the way.

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Struggling with recovery from betrayal in your relationship? Cheating hurts. But healing doesn’t have to. Start Healing Today!