How to Use Online Marriage Counseling to Fix Your Marriage After Infidelity

online marriage counseling

In today’s busy world it can be difficult to seek counseling even when you know you should, such as when infidelity has affected your marriage. Fortunately, with online marriage counseling you and your spouse can seek help privately, securely and from the comfort of your own home. Online counseling is a real option for couples struggling to fix their marriage after infidelity.

Both Spouses Must Agree to Participate Fully in Counseling

There is no point in doing any type of counseling if both partners aren’t ready for it. Counseling isn’t going to fix your marriage unless you are both on board and ready to give everything you have to the entire process of counseling. A reluctance to engage in the process could suggest that they don’t what to reconcile. If that is the case for you then you might want to consider using a firm like Eatons Solicitors. However, always try and make sure you have given your all to try and salvage the marriage if you truly want to save it. It starts with being honest about whether or not you want to do counseling. You can do couples and individual counseling online to help deal with infidelity and the issues that come with it. But, it’ll only work if you fully participate.

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Choose a Reputable Online Counselor Experienced in Treating Infidelity

There are many choices of online marriage counseling and programs today. It’s important that you choose a program that is proven for helping fix marriage problems associated with infidelity. Choose a counsellor who has done an counseling masters online and can prove this. Education and knowledge is key – and knowing what your counsellor has been through is imperative. Therefore, you want your online marriage counselor to be experienced with couples dealing with affairs. An affair is often a symptom of other issues rather than the cause. If the only thing you focus on is the affair you may miss the key to fixing your marriage after infidelity.

Understand What You Both Expect Out of Online Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is not a cure all for your marriage. Counseling alone won’t really fix your marriage. It’s important to go into online marriage counseling knowing what you want to work on about your marriage outside of the affair. Focusing only on the affair is not going to help you make your marriage stronger. An online marriage counselor experienced in dealing with infidelity can help you deal with the emotions, but you and your spouse are the ones who are going to do the hard work toward rebuilding your marriage between sessions.

Agree to Do the Homework Your Online Marriage Counselor Assigns

During each online marriage counseling session you’ll essentially report how the work you’ve done since the last session is going. You’ll talk about the issues that still need to be resolved and figure out what is working and what is not working. Then, your counselor will assign other things to you both to accomplish before the next session. If you and your spouse can’t agree to do the things your counselor wants you to do to rebuild the marriage there is no point in seeking counseling. Counseling only works when you both work at it.

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Ensure that Your Online Marriage Counselor is HIPPA Compliant

If you are hiring a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist online be sure that they are in compliance with HIPPA so that your privacy will be protected. If you’re really hiring a relationship coach over a counselor that’s okay too, but ask about their privacy policy to be sure your information is safe. Know whether sessions are being recorded, how payment is collected, and with whom you’re revealing private information is very important not only to the safety of your life, but to the future success of your marriage.

Be Ready to Invest in Your Marriage

Online marriage counseling, like any type of counseling, costs money. What’s more is that it’s often not covered by health insurance. Even in person marriage counseling is not often covered by health insurance so online counseling isn’t being judged in any way as inferior. But, consider the fact that online marriage counseling is often only for a short period of time compared to how long a marriage is. Counseling can make a big difference in the chances that your marriage will not only survive the infidelity but thrive; the cost is more than worth it. If you’re not ready to invest in your marriage in terms of both time and money, you probably don’t have a chance to make it work.

Act Earlier Rather Than Later

The sooner you can bring a counselor into the picture of your marriage the more chance you have to make your marriage work. When a couple is experiencing the deep emotional trauma of infidelity they need a third party to help them look at the entire situation as a whole. Counselors are trained in objectivity and will not be swayed by the emotions and drama associated with the affair like friends and family might.

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It’s Okay to Choose Someone Else

It can be difficult for you and your spouse to find a counselor that you both like working with. But, it’s a very important part of the work you will do together in marriage counseling; therefore don’t be afraid to bow out of treatment with someone you don’t both like. You can choose someone else until you find the right person to help fix your marriage after the affair.

When you got married, and promised in front of God, your family and friends to each other to love, honor and cherish each other for all the days of your lives, it didn’t mean that your life together would be without challenge. Long marriages have many challenges that only committed couples can overcome, and the way in which many couples overcome today is via online marriage counseling.

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