7 Marriage Problems That Could Mean Divorce (And What to Do About Them)


marriage problems

It’s rare that a marriage ends in divorce without certain marriage problems surfacing to give you both a warning. 


Do you think you could recognize those problems if you saw them?


Researchers have pinpointed very specific behaviors that signal divorce.


Believe it or not, there is a set of narrowly defined marriage problems which experts have found to be warning signs of divorce.


So many couples wish they’d known these signs.


Sure, everyone has 20/20 vision in hindsight but that doesn’t change the fact that countless couples have said that if they’d only seen the warning signs of divorce, they might have saved their marriages.


Once you know what these red flag marriage problems look like, you’ll feel incredibly fortunate that you learned them in time to do something about your crumbling marriage before it becomes too late.


Don’t let people tell you otherwise.


Some couples bicker and disrespect each other all the time.  You might hear them say things like, “Oh that’s just the way we are…we really love each other deep down!


But that’s not always the case.  When you can feel the tension, you know something’s not right.  So when you recognize any of the 7 warning signs of divorce you’re about to read, don’t let anyone tell you they are no big deal.  They should be treated as red flag warning signs that you and your spouse are headed down a bad road to divorce if you don’t fix these marriage problems the right way.


So here you are:  7 problems couples have when they’re headed down the path to divorce.

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7 Marriage problems to watch out for


1.  Someone’s being passive-aggressive.

When there’s a serious problem underfoot in a marriage, one or both spouses might feel resentment, pain or even anger about something that’s taken place in the relationship.  One unproductive way to deal with that is to be passive-aggressive. This is always a downward spiral.


2.  Someone’s being self-centered.

Selfishness takes on many forms.  It can mean you’re constantly indulging in monologues while your spouse can’t seem to find a way to inject a word.

Selfishness can also take the form of always having to get your way.  Where to eat out, what movie to see, what to spend money on, or how to invest…you may have your reasons for thinking your way is better but nobody is right all of the time.


3.  There’s a martyr in the house.

Being self-centered is a sign of bad things to come, but the opposite type of behavior is bad, too.  Someone who is always giving and never taking has expectations, whether they realize it or not.  They often wonder why nobody is treating them the same way, or they think they should be rewarded in some way for their altruism.


4.  One spouse embarrasses the other in public.

This can completely be unintentional, but when that’s not the case, that’s a serious problem.  In fact, any form of disrespect towards your spouse is a sign that something terrible is occurring in your relationship.


5.  Nobody’s listening.

If you’re not paying attention, then there’s a slim chance you’re able to meet your spouse’s needs and vice versa.

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6.  One or both of you are taking things for granted.

Do you have expectations from your spouse without feeling the need to reciprocate?  Do you demand respect but not give it?  This takes on many forms, not the least of which is doing things like assuming your spouse will always be the one to perform a certain chore (for example, thinking he or she will always be the one to empty the litter box or shovel the driveway or do the dishes).


7.  Explosive emotions occur regularly.

Does one of you get angry with the other at the drop of a hat?  For seemingly no reason, out of the blue?  That’s a sure sign of something deeply wrong.  Mood swings, or even just chronic irritability with your spouse need to be looked into, as they are one of the 7 signs that your marriage is in trouble.


What to do if you see any of these signs in your marriage


Obviously if you recognize any of the 7 marriage problems above, it’s time to make some changes…fast.  Most couples who’ve been through this and come out the other end with their marriage intact have had some help along the way.


That’s because these 7 warning signs are behavioral issues which can be terribly difficult to recognize in yourself.  They’re even tough to pinpoint in your spouse when you’re wrapped up in the context of your marriage.


Finding a way to objectively look at your marriage, hear from experts, and find out what works for other couples is the key to avoiding divorce.

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Here’s a way to take those steps.


Turns out there’s a wonderfully effective method for saving your marriage and avoiding divorce.  It’s a step-by-step process that helps both you and your spouse understand the nature of these types of problems so you can rekindle the spark your relationship once had.


The process for understanding and solving marriage problems is described in Saving Your Marriage Made Remarkably Simple by Dr. Frank Gunzburg.  In this guide, everything is explained in simple language that you can use to start fixing the issues in your marriage.  Then it shows you how to rekindle the flame of your marriage.


Here’s what you will discover


Gunzburg’s system has saved thousands of marriages because couples learned the following:

  • where the marriage problems really come from
  • how to identify the types of marriage problems which are serious
  • how to fix those problems
  • how to rev up the “spark” and boost sex life
  • how other couples used the program to save their marriages


If you’d like to see for yourself how to accurately identify these 7 marriage problems (and more) for yourself, and then use that to steer your marriage to a happier and healthier place (away from divorce!), you can check out Dr. Gunzburg’s program for yourself.


There’s a 100% money back guarantee so if you decide it’s not for you then you get all your money back.  Plus, there are bonuses that come with the program.  Find out more by clicking here.

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