Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel: Could This Be The Answer To Your Marriage Problems?

how to save a marriage

What ails your marriage?

Is it infidelity?

Poor communication.

Lack of affection.

Or is your spouse ready to check out?

There are a lot of information out there that claim to help fix troubled marriages and Marriage Fitness by Mort Fertel is just one of them.

Will the marriage fitness program work for you? I’ve done a lot research on the matter and I think I can help you decide on an answer to that question.

Everything I’ve found out is in the article below.

What is Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Program?

marriage fitness by mort fertel review

Mort positions his marriage improvement program as a new alternative to counseling. According to him, you can save your marriage – and “you don’t have to dig into your past, dredge up your problems, or practice communication techniques” to do so. These are things that traditional marriage counseling focuses on.

Marriage Fitness offers solutions to suit every need and budget. Some of the relationship problems that the program can help with include:

  • Infidelity
  • Broken Trust
  • Emotional Neglect
  • Brink of Divorce
  • Boredom
  • Separation
  • A Stubborn Spouse
  • Emotional Infidelity
  • Silent Treatments
  • Lack of Appreciation
  • Midlife Crisis
  • Failed Experiences in Marriage Counseling

As you can see, Mort’s programs work for pretty much any and all marriage problems. Now let’s have a look at each program individually.

Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp

The most popular program is the “Tele-Boot Camp.” Here’s what’s included:

  • 7 Tele-Seminars hosted by me, Mort Fertel
  • A 1-on-1 Private Phone Session with me, Mort Fertel
  • A Complete 15 CD Audio Learning System
  • The Complete Marriage Fitness Workbook & Journal
  • An Open-Mike Q&A Teleconference
  • 7 “Homework” Assignments
  • A Complete 7-Week Implementation Schedule
  • 5 Marriage Assessments
  • An Autograph Copy of Marriage Fitness
  • Members-only Web Site

What I like about the Tele-Boot Camp is that you can customize it to suit your individual needs. For instance, if you have an uncooperative spouse you can select the “Lone Ranger” track and do the program all by yourself.

There is also the Duo Track which is designed for couples taking the boot camp together.

Marriage Fitness Home-Flex

The next program offered by Marriage Fitness is the “Marriage Fitness Home-Flex.” Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A Complete 15 CD Audio Learning System
  • A 1-on-1 Private Session with Mort Fertel
  • The Complete Marriage Fitness Workbook & Personal Journal
  • 2 Open-Mike Q&A Teleconferences
  • 7 Tele-Seminars
  • 7 “Homework” Assignments
  • A Complete 7-Week Implementation Schedule
  • 5 Marriage Assessments
  • An Autograph Copy of Marriage Fitness
  • Members-only Web Site

Just like the Tele-Boot Camp, you have the option to go with the “Long Ranger” track if your spouse is not on board or the “Duo Track” if you’re working together as a couple.

Marriage Fitness Audio Learning System

The next program offered is the “Marriage Fitness Audio Learning System,” which is a 5 CD audio experience designed for the person or couple who simply can’t afford the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp or Marriage Fitness Home-Flex.

1-on-1 Private Sessions with Mort Fertel

And finally there is the “1-on-1 Private Sessions with Mort Fertel” which you can do either through phone sessions,  full day “house calls”  or office visits.

As you can see, Marriage Fitness offers various solutions to meet virtually every need, circumstance and budget.

Who will benefit the most from Marriage Fitness?

First let me start by saying that your marriage did not fall apart in one day, so don’t expect it to be fixed overnight either. If you’re looking for a step-by-step system that will give you everything you need and the confidence to make changes, you will benefit greatly.

But, you have to be prepared to work the program diligently in order to see results. Is that you? Are you ready to make that kind of commitment?

This program works best for people who REALLY want to put in the time (and I mean a lot of it) and effort into repairing their relationship.

Are you willing to:

  • Invest whatever time is needed for as long as it takes to save your marriage?
  • Do you consider any investment in your marriage to be well worth the cost?
  • Do you feel that your marriage is worth saving?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then Marriage Fitness is a good choice for you.

Who is this program NOT for?

If you have totally given up and really don’t feel like trying to improve things in your marriage anymore, or you feel like your marriage is so far gone that you’re not sure it can be saved. If you’re looking for a quick fix or a magic bullet, put your credit card back in your wallet or purse. Also, don’t buy this program if you do not plan to follow it diligently or invest time and effort into it.

Does the Marriage Fitness program work?

The important thing to consider with any self-help program, books or marriage counseling, is that they’re only going to work if you put forth the time and effort and you are willing to change. You can read books, listen to a therapist or CD all day long, but if you don’t implement what you are learning and make the needed changes in your life, then nothing will change.

Also, your heart has to be in the right place, just because it did not work for one person doesn’t mean it will not work for you. You have to be willing to try and do whatever it takes to make the program work for you.

What do real people say about the Marriage Fitness alternative to counseling programs?

During my research, the reviews I found in online forums and on the web were mostly very positive with a lot of people recommending it or it was recommended to them by someone they knew and trusted. Here are a couple of reviews taken from the company’s website.

Thank you for the program. I was driving into my driveway finalizing the words that would tell my wife I’m leaving. Upon arriving home, your program had come as well. Rather than tell my wife I’m outta here, I suggested we listen to a disk. Long story short, we’ll be working this out together, getting connected, completing your action steps. I can’t wait to continue connecting. After 30 years, I’m only sorry we didn’t do this sooner. Thank you – G Burke (Testimony from company website)

I signed up for the lone ranger program. Your information was outstanding. Actually very simple once you explained everything in detail. Hard to believe that your thoughts, suggestions, and theories work, but they do!

I have a long way to continue but it’s getting better thanks to you. To do my job I couldn’t always attend to Q & A’s live, but the audio files we had access to on the members-only web site were a lifesaver. Keep up the good work – Kevin B (Testimony from company website)

Are there any drawbacks?

The only real downside I’ve found with the Marriage Fitness program is that some people found that making progress on the “Lone Ranger” track is very slow going. It’s a bit hard to see (more so in the beginning) how the changes you’re making by yourself can help things, especially when your spouse is not responding favorably and you’re the only one doing all the work, it can be discouraging to keep going.

But if you want to speed things up, you can always sign up for “1-on-1 Private Sessions with Mort Fertel.” Also, the price may be a factor for some people, but there are different programs with different price points to choose from. For those on a tight budget, but who still need Mort’s help, then the entry-level Audio Learning System would be a good fit.

What I like about Marriage Fitness

This program teaches you not only how to fix a broken marriage but also how to go about building a strong marriage that keeps love at its core. It’s a reality that not ALL marriages can be saved, so even if your marriage is not saved, the knowledge and self-confidence you gained from the program would help you succeed in future relationships.

Trying to fix a broken relationship is a risk, and it is hard work and takes time, and some of it will hurt. Just remember there is just no way to speed up time. Things are not going to change without you learning and growing. It’s tough overcoming marriage issues, this program is a giant first step in the right direction.

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