Make the Right Choice

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Our lives are filled with choices. Should we take the road less traveled, or go with the flow and just cruise along with the masses?

Sometimes these choices are relatively meaningless. Chocolate or vanilla, tweed vs. pinstripes, “which shoes go with this outfit?”

It’s not always that easy though

At other times, our decisions and choices can have a severe impact on our lives and the people that care about us.

“I’ve had a few drinks after work, can I make it home OK, or should I call a cab?”

“I realize that I no longer love my husband/wife, do I want a divorce?

“This job that I’m currently in brings me no satisfaction, and I think that I have the ability and opportunity to better the lives of both myself and my family. If I go for what I feel is possible, should I do it?”

So what are you going to do?

Now, let’s take a brief moment to evaluate ourselves. Life is a bitch, we all know it. However, it’s how we choose to handle what life throws at us that truly makes a difference.

Let’s say a person cuts you off on your commute the first thing to work in the morning…How are you going to deal with it?

Are you going to drive recklessly in pursuit, so that you have the opportunity to flip them the bird? Will that bring you satisfaction?

Or, are you going to take a second to reflect that maybe there is a reason for his/her erratic driving behavior?

It’s your call

The bottom line is, we have the ability to control our emotions and behaviors.

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Nobody can impact our thoughts to the point of irrational decisions, unless we allow them to.

It’s your call, do you truly want to be happy? Or do you want to whine about life and be miserable?

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