You Can Do It: Understanding And Overcoming Low Self-Esteem After He Cheated

low self-esteem after he cheated

Today I want to help you triumph over a very common problem that almost all betrayed wives face… overcoming low self-esteem after he cheated on you.

Two things will likely happen to you once the affair is out in the open:

1.       Your self-esteem will take a major hit after his affair comes to light?

2.       You’ll soon start to wonder if you’ll ever feel good about yourself again.

There’s this tendency for wives struggling to get over the fact that their husband cheated on them to feel unworthy and insecure.

In the aftermath of your husband’s affair, the first thing that goes down the toilet is your self-esteem and self-confidence. I should know, I’ve been there! I kept comparing myself to the OW, and I felt plain old ugly. Low self-esteem even affected my ability to get a job.

You see your husband’s affair not only decimated the marriage vows but also the sense of relationship security you relied on. Along with the relationship damage is the damage to your relationship with yourself:  how you feel about yourself, which is essentially what constitutes your self-esteem.

Oftentimes, when something negative (like the affair) happens in our lives, we tend to take the blame and feel that, if we were “better,” the affair wouldn’t have happened in the first place. We beat ourselves up about it time and time again.

Focusing on phrases such as: “That was stupid,” “I am so fat,” “No one loves me,” and a host of other negative statements can easily zap the happiness right out of your life.

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So now your internal dialogue is filled with questions of self-doubt about who you are and what you’re worth. Where you might have once stood strong and proud, you may now feel like a paler version of your former self.

So how do you reclaim a healthy sense of self-esteem?

Well, there are many different things you can do to regain your self-esteem and dignity.

In my upcoming series Understanding and Overcoming Low Self-Esteem, we’ll look at five different ways to improve your self-esteem and believe in yourself.

If your self-esteem and self-confidence can use a boost, these articles can help you unlock love and respect for yourself.

So you’ll no longer feel powerless to change yourself into the confident person you deserve to be!

Check out Understanding and Overcoming Low Self-Esteem Part 1:  3 Simple Steps You Can Take to Start Improving Your Self-Esteem Today.

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