The Single Worst Piece of Advice on How to Save Your Marriage

Forget what everyone is telling you. There’s a better way to rescue your relationship, and Lee H. Baucom knows what it is.

If someone told you to seek addiction advice from a drug dealer, you’d think they were joking.

Yet that’s like the advice we all hear all the time from friends and family when marriages start to fall apart.

They tell us to seek out a marriage counselor, but if you really want to know how to save your marriage, that’s not the best advice.

In fact, it’s the single worst piece of advice you can give!

The truth of the matter is, marriage counselors aim at saving the individual, even at the expense of the marriage. According to one of the leading influencers in marriage therapy, Dr. Lee Baucom, it shouldn’t have to be a choice between yourself and your marriage. You can have both.

Dr. Lee H. Baucom knows the truth about marriage counselors…he was one!

Dr. Baucom has worked for over two decades in marriage therapy, so there’s no better expert on what works to save marriages (and what doesn’t). He also earned two master’s degrees as well as a Ph.D in the area and has completed specialty training in Community Building in addition to Personal and Life Coaching.

Working with hundreds of couples has given Dr. Lee Baucom incredible insight into what really saves marriages. His impressive academic background means he can provide analysis that speaks to rational, proven methods for keeping people together through the toughest of times.

Dr. Baucom’s work in marriage therapy has been featured on NBC, Newsweek, 2020, Dateline and Men’sHealth.

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You could be sabotaging your own desires without even realizing it

Splitting up is often the quick-response solution for couples who simply can’t imagine any other way. That’s easy to understand, given the emphasis on divorce in the past thirty years. It’s the knee-jerk reaction to marriage trouble.

It’s even condoned by marriage counselors (more on that below), not to mention friends and family who’ve been swayed by popular culture and the status quo. Look at Hollywood’s obsession with divorce- it’s so common in movies, TV, and even children’s programming.

Of course it’s good to make children of divorce feel that “family” can be defined in so many ways and you don’t have to have both parents living in the same house to have a family. But when divorce becomes the norm, not the exception in peoples’ minds…that’s harmful to your own marriage when problems arise.

Combine that “comfort” with divorce we’ve all developed with the guiding principles of counseling that promote the “self” over any relationships, and what do you get?

Thousands of marriages that could have been saved if only couples had believed in themselves and what they really wanted, and had the courage to save their marriage. If you want to know how to save your marriage, look within because YOU have the ability to do it.

Thousands of marriages saved

Dr. Lee Baucom has personally been witness to hundreds of saved marriages. He’s seen a transformation in the way couples view themselves, their marriages, and the inevitable problems that arise in their spousal relationships.

But by applying his incredibly simple yet often overlooked philosophy on relationships and how they really work, Dr. Baucom has seen complete reversal of attitudes. Even in couples who were halfway to the divorce courts, bitter enemies even, he’s demonstrated that his outlook really applies to anyone.

More importantly, Dr. Baucom’s approach to marriage therapy can work on anyone…even if just one person in the marriage wants it to work.

Compare his uplifting results to the dismal success rate of couples counseling. Only 10% to 20% of couples who seek help from marriage counseling see any significant improvement in their relationship whatsoever!

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Don’t blame marriage counselors- they simply have a different agenda

When your marriage is suffering, turning to a traditional marriage counselor could mean the end of your relationship forever. The end result of most counseling sessions is to split up.

Why? Because modern counseling techniques stress the individual over anything else, including marriage. Counselors will try and fix the individual and focus on what makes him or her happy, even if it means he or she is happy alone and divorced. It’s called “Individual Therapy”.

It works great for improving your life as an individual but Individual Therapy wasn’t designed to help couples…and it doesn’t! Its goal is not how to save your marriage. It’s how to make you happy right now.

Dr. Baucom’s eye-opening wisdom

Couples in trouble need to ditch marriage counselors trained in Individual Therapy (hmmm that’s most of them!) and concentrate on saving their marriage instead.

When couples start thinking in terms of rescuing their marriage rather than merely fulfilling personal needs and desires, it’s perfectly plausible that they’ll end up staying together rather than ending the relationship.

Not only that, but if they make their marriage even better than it was before, they’ll be insulated against future problems. And guess what…they don’t have to sacrifice their individual happiness or identity to do it! Remember, it’s not a choice between your individual happiness and your marriage. You can have both.

Dr. Baucom has identified 8 stages of a marriage crisis, and each stage must be dealt with the right way. In fact, it’s possible to do the right thing but at the wrong stage of your journey…resulting in even more damage than if you’d done nothing!

You can teach yourself how to save your marriage

Marriage counselors will try and teach couples how to communicate better, but that only teaches them how to fight more effectively! Besides, the problem isn’t about communication, it’s about how you both view your relationship.

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You can learn to protect a marriage in ways that render it bullet-proof to the usual pitfalls of modern relationships. All it takes is a fresh outlook on how relationships really work, a clear understanding of what was making your marriage fail in the first place, and a good sense of what kind of advice you should avoid with a ten foot pole.

You can do all this with the help of Dr. Lee Baucom. You don’t even have to be a client because he wrote a book.

Here’s Dr. Baucom’s book

In his book “Save the Marriage (Even if only YOU Want It)”, Dr. Lee Baucom outlines four separate Modules for returning from the brink of divorce. The modules build upon one another so you learn gradually how to follow his advice. Anyone can do it.

Here’s what you can expect after reading this book.

Clients of Dr. Baucom have experienced an 89.7% success rate. That includes couples where one spouse isn’t even interested in saving the marriage! In fact, his typical client is just one spouse who wants to save the marriage. The other spouse has already given up.

By working through the various stages of your marriage crisis in the right way and with the help of Dr. Baucom’s book, you can (and probably will) learn how to save your marriage. And if you’re like most of his clients, your marriage will be better than it ever was before.

How to save your marriage starting immediately

You can order Dr. Lee Baucom’s book via the safe, secure server and get instant access. You get the book plus several bonuses delivered to your laptop or PC (or your e-reader) instantly, so you can begin learning Dr. Baucom’s system right now. It’s all there for you to take in and learn…all the resources you need to turn around your marriage.

If you’re ready to learn how to save your marriage, click here!

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