How Are You Going to Handle It?

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Life has a way of throwing us a curve ball every now and again. No matter how secure, or confident we may feel about ourselves, sometimes an event that occurs has the power to turn a perfectly good day into a trip through hell.

It really is up to you

But it really doesn’t have to be like that. How we handle the unforeseen problems, either real or imagined, can make the difference on whether we stress out, or cruise comfortably through the day.

Are you the type to react, or to respond. Typically, a reaction to something denotes negativity, while a response is often the more positive and preferred method of dealing with a situation.

Reactions can bring regret

When we react, we often don’t take the time to think first. This can often lead us to make rash decisions that we may come to regret later on. A response is different however. We take time to process and consider the consequence of our words or actions.

Many of the cases of road rage that we see in the media are often the result of someone reacting to another person’s driving. These can often become deadly, and devastate the families of all that are involved.

Maybe your child is acting out, and after a while you blow your top and lash out verbally, or physically. Afterwards you feel terrible, not knowing what led you to behave in such a manner. Well, you reacted.

Responding can bring relief

The next time you feel overwhelmed, count to 10, breathe deeply and try to calm down before you act. Remember that a response is always better than a reaction.

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Which do you think is a better way to deal with things?

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