The Best Resources For Healing from Infidelity

Hope After Infidelity

If you’re experiencing the anguish of infidelity, I understand what you’re going through. Whether it’s an ongoing emotional affair or a single act of betrayal, infidelity is a harrowing experience for both the aggrieved and the unfaithful partner.

No matter what role you’ve played in it, you’ll need wisdom, guidance, and knowledge to start healing.

But you’ll have to take action, right? They say that time heals all wounds, but the pain of infidelity isn’t something goes away all by itself. You’ll have to be an active participant in the healing process.

Fortunately, there’s help out there. There are lots of resources that can help you overcome the pain and confusion of infidelity. The question is: which are the best for you?

Well, that’s the exact purpose of this guide. To promote the necessary healing and get you the help you deserve, I’ve compiled the following list of the best resources for overcoming infidelity.

I understand that cost is always an issue, especially in these tough economic times. But all of my recommended resources are reasonably priced, especially compared to the relief you’ll get after using them.

They’re also just as effective as months of marriage counseling, but at a fraction of the cost. Consider these resources as an investment in yourself and in your relationship.

You’ve Just Found About the Affair. Now what?

The immediate aftermath of an affair is one of the most difficult parts of the healing process. It’s a time of terrible emotional upheaval and grief, one that even the strongest person has difficulty overcoming. It’s also the time when most people need the most support.

Dr. Robert Huizenga’s book “The First Step in Surviving Infidelity” is a wonderful resource for navigating the difficult times that ensue right after an affair has come to light. In addition to containing a wealth of knowledge about the complexities of infidelity, it will also show you how to regain the confidence and calm that you’ve temporarily lost because of the experience.

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The second resource is Dr. Huizenga’s “Break Free From the Affair.” This is an ultimate guide to understanding the core dynamics of infidelity and releasing yourself from its all-consuming power. It will provide you with detailed descriptions of the basic types of affairs and how to handle them properly.

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Another great resource from Dr. Huizenga is his Infidelity Recovery Center which gives you all of the tools, resources and proven strategies for surviving the infidelity and rebuilding your relationship. And you can get started for FREE by clicking here right now.

Infidelity Coaching

Dr. Huizenga also offers comprehensive infidelity coaching to guide you and your spouse through the healing process. The coaching packages include one-on-one sessions with Dr. Huizenga, in addition to a wealth of other helpful materials.

These sessions, which you can do over the phone or via Skype, provide you and/or your partner with a safe and nurturing place to process the complex emotions of an infidelity. They’ll help you regain your emotional and mental strength, as well as decrease the deep psychic pain that results from infidelity.

Most importantly, you’ll have consistent access to a compassionate and experienced professional. Dr. Huizenga has helped thousands of people just like you overcome the anguish of infidelity. You, your spouse, and your marriage will benefit enormously from his skills.

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Are You Dealing with an Emotional Affair?

An affair that’s “only” physical is painful enough, but it can be devastating to discover that your spouse has established an intimate emotional connection with someone else. There’s no doubt that a cheating wife or husband is a moment of crisis in a marriage, but it can also be a time for self-reflection and mutual understanding.

We’ve found a resource that can help rebuild your marriage bonds after an emotional affair. It’s called “Journey to Trust,” the first of two resources by Doug and Linda, a married couple who were able to overcome their experience with infidelity and improve their marriage.

Click here for more information on Doug and Linda’s “Journey To Trust.”

Did Your Wife Cheat on You?

Although many aspects of infidelity are the same for both genders, men and women sometimes experience their marital crises differently. The majority of books on the subject look at infidelity from a woman’s perspective, but Kevin Jackson’s “Survive Her Affair” tackles it from the husband’s point of view.

The book’s highlights include ways men can stop blaming themselves for their wife’s infidelity and regain their lost self-confidence. Also, by helping men understand the deeper reasons for the betrayal, the book helps men trust their partners again and begin to repair their fractured marriage.

Click here to access Kevin Jackson’s “Survive Her Affair.”

Were You The Cheating Spouse?

If you were the unfaithful spouse, you’re probably experiencing a host of painful emotions as well, especially confusion and guilt. These feelings can be resolved, but only if you take action. Here’s another resource from Linda and Doug that can help. In “A Cheater’s Guide for Helping Your Spouse Heal From Your Affair,” the couple reveals what did and didn’t work in the aftermath of Doug’s affair.

Click here for access to Doug and Linda’s “A Cheater’s Guide for Helping Your Spouse Heal From Your Affair.”

Rebuilding the Marriage

The real test comes when you begin to repair the damage done to your marriage by infidelity. A new and better marriage is possible for you and your spouse, but you’ll need a fair amount of help to begin and maintain the healing process. Here are three resources to help you do just that.

The first is “Quick Marriage Turnaround” by Dr. Huizenga. Although it’s not a permanent fix, this resource will help you achieve neutral ground and begin to lay a new foundation for your marriage. With it, you’ll stop the bleeding and begin to heal in just a few days.

For more information on “Quick Marriage Turnaround, click here.

The last two resources are designed to build and maintain the health of your recreated. The first is “Save the Marriage” by Lee H. Baucom. In it, you’ll discover what happened to your marriage and how to repair it. The second is a “Marriage Fitness” program by Mort Fertel. An alternative to marriage counseling, this resource will help you identify the problem parts of your marriage and permanently repair them.

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