You Had an Affair. Your Husband Has Resorted to Name-Calling. What Now?

An affair is to a marriage as a massive, jagged rock is to a ship in stormy waters. This is not to say that an affair will tear apart your marriage but that it could, if you and your husband allow it to. If your husband has reacted to your affair by calling you hurtful names and resorting to emotional abuse, you need to take firm action before the situation deteriorates even further.

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You Had an Affair – And Now You Really Want Your Husband Back

TrustPerhaps you never really thought about having an affair but then found yourself intensely attracted to the new guy in the office – the playful, quick-witted, handsome one that you have been working so closely with – and you lost your bearings.

Whatever your specific situation looks like, you had the affair that you never thought you’d have.

And you really want your husband back. You want to earn back his trust.

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Struggling with recovery from betrayal in your relationship? Cheating hurts. But healing doesn’t have to. Start Healing Today!