How to Reconnect With Your Wayward Spouse (Even if You Feel Distant)

wayward spouse

When your wayward spouse and you decide to try to make it work, you have to work to reconnect with each other even if you feel distant. It’s a classic case of fake it until you make it, but with some protection for you against more hurt.

Ensure You’re Both on The Same Page

The most important thing you can do in order to reconnect with your unfaithful spouse is to ensure you’re both on the same page. Both people have to want to make the relationship work. Both of you have to be willing to do the work necessary to move forward and reconnect in a way that grows the marriage.

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How to Forgive a Cheater Without Giving up Your Dignity


how to forgive a cheater

Are you struggling with how to forgive a cheater? 

Here’s some thoughtful advice to get you closer to the state of forgiveness, while keeping your dignity intact.

Experts agree: forgiveness is key

You may feel that forgiveness is a long ways off for you right now, but trust the experts: it’s essential to healing and eventually you’ll want to work for it.

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How Cheating Happens, When You’re Married [Infographic]

As many as one-third of men and one-fifth of women cheat. Luckily, most people seem to tone it down after they get married. For married couples, 22% of men and 14% of women admit to cheating on their spouses. Who are these people who cheat, even after taking their vows of marriage? Is there a way to tell if your spouse is one of them? How does cheating happen? Can a marriage be saved after cheating?

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How to Catch a Cheating Partner Without Driving Yourself Crazy

catch a cheating partnerIt can be really awful to suspect that your spouse is cheating, but you cannot prove it. Some cheating spouses will actually deflect and tell you that you’re crazy and any number of things to detract from what they are doing. It is even more confusing for you in today’s modern world. There are arguments on what is cheating and what isn’t when it comes to talking to other people online. There are a few articles that prove to be a fantastic read that show what experts think online cheating is. Thinking your spouse is cheating, but not being able to prove it can cause just as many problems as knowing for sure.

Therefore, it’s important that if you really think your spouse is cheating to know how to figure it out without driving yourself crazy. Catching a cheating spouse can provide the point of no return in your marriage so that you can confront the situation and move on or find a way to make your marriage work.

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How NOT To Catch a Cheating Partner

catch a cheating partnerIf you are one of thousands of spouses who suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then you probably have a high level of emotion going through your mind and heart at any given moment of the day.

You try to work and the thoughts cross your mind, you try to fix dinner and horrible invasive thoughts come up, and you try to live your life with your spouse as if everything is normal but you know it’s not, you just don’t have the right proof to validate your feelings.

So, you go through the motions of life without actually loving anything about it due to that horrible feeling that rises when you least expect it.

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Struggling with recovery from betrayal in your relationship? Cheating hurts. But healing doesn’t have to. Start Healing Today!