How to Stop Post Infidelity Stress Disorder From Emotionally Draining You


post infidelity stree disorder

Infidelity can be emotionally draining, as well as incredibly frustrating to go through.

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Beyond the heartbreak, one might suddenly be faced with a host of new challenges…

… What are the next steps?

… Can the relationship be salvaged?

If there is a great divide and no chance for reconciliation, there may be a need to pursue separation, which could come at a great cost, both emotionally, and out of pocket.

These conversations can lead to a spiral, spinning one’s heart and emotions out of control.

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Tips to Surviving Infidelity: How to Deal With Seeing Them Together


tips for coping iwth infidelity

Did you know 17% of all divorces, are a result of adultery?

Surviving infidelity can seem like an impossible task. At least, that’s how Crystal felt.

It was already almost 10’oclock at night when Crystal decided to run up to the gas station for a salty treat. Knowing her husband, Jarrod would tease her for craving junk food, she was happy for once that he was stuck working at the office.

Yet, as she was turning the last corner to leave the neighborhood, Crystal saw something weird. There was Jarrod’s Honda, sitting in someone else’s driveway.

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Warning Signs of Extramarital Affairs – What to Look For if You Suspect Infidelity

Warning Signs of Extramarital Affairs

Have you had a sneaking suspicion that your spouse may be considering an affair?

Did you pick up on specific clues, or do you just have a “gut feeling”?

Marriage is a difficult undertaking, and these days, with the overwhelming pressures of everyday life, it is much harder than in bygone days. When overworked and burdened with stress, it can be easy to misinterpret events and actions.

It would be a real tragedy to endanger your marriage with suspicion (or worse – jealousy) if your concerns were unfounded.

Beware of these eight warning signs of extramarital affairs.

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How to Recover From Cheating: What You Need to Know to Either Heal The Wounds And Try Again or Move On

How to Recover From Cheating: What You Need to Know to Either Heal The Wounds And Try Again or Move On

Your spouse cheated on you, and you feel sick… sick down to your soul.

How can you move past this point of pain and despair, and feel happy again?

Having your spouse break your trust is one of the cruelest things that could happen to a person.

It costs the victim so much.

It would be great if you could wave a wand and make the pain of the affair go away…

… And to never have felt the agony of betrayal by your partner?

Sadly, if you’re reading this, then you know that’s not possible.

The pain is real and the betrayal did happen.

But at some point after the affair came out in the open and the dust settled, you’re probably wondering if your relationship can ever recover from the cheating and lying or whether it is better to just call it quits and move on.

While no one can make that decision for you, in this article I’ll give you some guidelines that will answer your questions and help you navigate the path of recovering from cheating in your relationship.

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Struggling with recovery from betrayal in your relationship? Cheating hurts. But healing doesn’t have to. Start Healing Today!