Can a Cheating Spouse Change? How Likely Are They to Cheat Again?[Infographic]

can a cheating spouse change

Your partner has been experiencing mood swings and has been secretive. They isolate themselves from you instead of connecting with you and talking to you about their day. After months of this behavior, you’ve finally figured out that your spouse cheated on you.

Now what? Can a cheating spouse change?

You want to make the relationship work, but you’re worried that they might cheat again. You’re also not sure of the best way to go about repairing your relationship. You’ve heard the phrase “Once a cheater, always a cheater” for as long as you can remember. Do you make the relationship work if your partner is just going to cheat again?

Not Every Wayward Spouse Will Cheat Again

Believe it or not, not everyone who cheats will do it again. It is possible to repair your marriage and break free from the affair! This infographic by Dr. Bob Huizenga may be exactly what you need. It identifies seven types of reasons why affairs occur, warning signs of an affair, the likelihood of them reoccurring, and what you can do to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Let’s take a look at the first scenario Huizenga gives us: “My Marriage Made Me Do It.” Some of the warning signs include a spouse who blames others for their actions and complains. Without “affair-proofing” the marriage, the odds of your spouse cheating again are 80 percent.

But don’t despair: Huizenga provides us with a solution to “affair-proof” our marriage: send powerful messages to your spouse that “grab” them. Doing this along with 2 to 7 months of self-awareness work can bring the odds of cheating down from 80 percent to 20 percent!

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This infographic is a great place to start the journey of repairing your marriage after an affair happens. It allows you to identify why the affair happened in the first place and how to fix it.

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  1. I don’t know how to talk to him without getting upset. He’s trying to blame me for everything and he lies so much. I catch him on his phone and he says he’s calling his mother. It makes me sick and It hurts. Pain like I’ve never felt before. I want to cry of tears fall he says he doesn’t care. That’s all he says I don’t care. It’s as if he’s pushing me to leave. I’m hurting I’m lost and I want to have proof so badly because he says it’s in my head and I’m crazy. I heard her others seen him with her. He is always MIA and he is not the same man I fell in love with. He says I’m losing my mind and him stupid. My heart is breaking. I want proof to show him so he can’t lie anymore but he’s so sneaky and shady. I’m so sad.


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