Are Smartphones Killing the Romance in Your Marriage?

Are smartphones killing your romance

“Right? Hello? Are you even listening?” your spouse says to you, trying to get your attention. You’re not listening because you have your nose buried in your smartphone. You’ve just checked out the new phone tips and reviews on Tech Daily Canada and bought a new phone, but your spouse isn’t very pleased.

You don’t mean to put your phone before your spouse, but somehow it just keeps happening.

It’s not the first time it’s happened, either. Plus, you’re both guilty. In fact, you’ve had many discussions before about your phones.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You’ve noticed a direct correlation between smartphone use, problems in your marriage, quality of life, distraction-free time, and “us time”. You may even have become addicted to your smartphone.

Yet you both still keep on forgetting to pay attention and continue burying yourself in texts, email, Facebook alerts, Instagram updates or whatever app is causing the little blinking light on your phones to capture your attention. It’s maddening for you both.

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Obsessively Checking Your Phone Can Be Maddeningly Annoying for Those Around You

It’s maddening for you both, and actually, it’s maddening for a lot of people. One study found that cell phones have a definite negative effect on close relationships. Not only did communications suffer, but there’s also less trust in relationships where cell phones are always nearby.

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Anyone already struggling with marriage issues might want to consider the effects of smartphones on the relationship. As for ways to save your marriage using your smartphone, read on!

Smartphones Can Kill the Romance

Smartphones have a negative affect on any relationship, but for romance they have a definite dampening effect. Not only are your conversations suffering when you and your spouse are both constantly checking your phones…your sex life may be suffering too.

Smartphones in the bedroom are a rising problem for couples trying to maintain at least a little sizzle in their lives. The distraction can prove deadly to any passion that might arise. It might seem obvious to you now, reading this, but consider these bedroom distractors:

  • How romantic is it when one of you gets a text from your brother?
  • Do you really want to know that your old college buddy has updated his Facebook profile picture, while you’re trying to stir up the old flames of passion?
  • Can’t an update on world news wait until later?
  • Will you really suffer if you don’t see the latest tweets from your favorite celebrity?

We’re All Addicted: The Study

The sad part is, more than half of us don’t even go a full hour without checking our phones…ever! It’s even worse for the 18-34 year old set: according to a Mobile Mindset Study, almost two-thirds of women and almost three-quarters of men in that age group check their phones at least once an hour.

This is What Smartphone Addiction Does To Your Married Sex Life…

And speaking of the old flames of passion…sex in a long term relationship might be hard enough to keep fresh and spicy without the distraction of phones making hot sizzling sex even more elusive.

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You see, even though a couple may be enjoying many years of a happy marriage, over time the sex can get…stale. You know all your partner’s moves. You both know just about everything there is to know about each other, so there’s no mystery any more.

You both know the other isn’t going anywhere (as in choosing someone else to date), so there’s no danger any more.

Now, even when you do manage to get up some sizzle, you’re checking your smartphones so much, even that gets quashed! It’s like long term couples are creating their own obstacles when they already have several.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could think of a way to use our smartphones to help our relationships rather than to tear it apart?

How to Turn the Tables & Use Your Phone to Spice Things Up

If there’s one thing to take from all this about the dangers of cell phones in a relationship, it’s not to give up. Don’t simply give in and accept a less-than-ideal sex life and total lack of romance.

That’s now how things have to be.

Instead of giving in to the power of the pervasive smartphone, why not turn the tides and use it to spice things up? After all, you’re not going to give up your phone, and neither is your spouse or partner.

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. There’s a way to use your smartphone to put the sizzle back into your life…yup, in an ironic twist, you can use technology to bring back the romance.

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By learning how to text the right things to your partner, the creator of Text the Romance Back claims you can restore passion to your marriage, no matter how many years you’ve been married.

How Can Texting Restore Passion?

How does it work? Text the Romance Back teaches you how to attract your partner’s attention by using the right words. There are many ways to use texts to turn up the heat, including these:

  • There are some texts called “curiosity magnets”…little snippets of text that attract attention in new ways. They’ll have the receiver wondering what you’re up to, creating a long-lost sense of mystery that’s vital to a hot sex life.
  • Others are called “appreciation texts”… a different style of text, but also designed to stimulate the senses!
  • Yet another style is called the “sensual compliments” text…a great way to warm them up and start things rolling way ahead of time
  • “Bait Questions” that simply can’t go unanswered. These are useful for the guy or girl who’s reluctant to play along at first. Don’t worry: bait questions are irresistible.

Apparently it’s quite possible to create amazing levels of intimacy simply by sending a certain style of text. Married couples are especially prone to suffering a dull relationship, and texting can help them see a whole new side of each other and themselves. That opens up the door to renewed passion and yes…sizzle.

It’s certainly one of the more creative ways to save your marriage!

To learn how to text the romance back into your relationship — and to get 3 free “Magic Texts” you can use right now — go watch this video right away.

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