A Family’s Love

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“You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.” We have all heard this saying before and we know it’s true. Unfortunately, this is often quoted when there is some kind of discrepancy between family members.

Society as a whole needs families

The family unity can be a very complex thing to understand. It is probably the most critical social unit within our society. However, not only is the family a societal unit, it is also, primarily responsible for education, communication, child rearing, friendship and fun.

Nobody has the “perfect” family, nobody. It is important to remember that all of the members within the family are human, and humans are far from perfect.

All you need is love

Being a “family” involves much more than everyone living under the same roof. To truly be a family, one ingredient is necessary. That ingredient is love.

The whole idea of the traditional family has been criticized for many years.

Times have changed

These days, both parents have to work just to make ends meet. Today’s use of our welfare system also contributes to the decline of the family, because having more kids means you can receive more money.
Life in general has become more stressful and complicated and the family itself has changed over generations.

Tell them you love them

Another well known quote is, “blood is thicker than water.” I believe this to be true. Regardless of what problems a family may encounter it’s important to remember that you only have one family and the love between family members cannot be matched by anyone else.

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When is the last time that you told, and showed your family how much you love them?

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