How to Reconnect With Your Wayward Spouse (Even if You Feel Distant)

wayward spouse

When your wayward spouse and you decide to try to make it work, you have to work to reconnect with each other even if you feel distant. It’s a classic case of fake it until you make it, but with some protection for you against more hurt.

Ensure You’re Both on The Same Page

The most important thing you can do in order to reconnect with your unfaithful spouse is to ensure you’re both on the same page. Both people have to want to make the relationship work. Both of you have to be willing to do the work necessary to move forward and reconnect in a way that grows the marriage.

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Husband Emotionally Distant? Stop Pursuing Him. Do this Instead

husband emotionally distant

Get Started Healing Your Marriage

If your husband is emotionally distant and you feel the constant need to pursue him you may feel very alone, but the truth is you are not. Eighty percent of couples deal with this at some point in their marriage.

The problem with pursuing him and trying to fix things is that you are the only one putting effort into the marriage. This creates a “comfort zone” for your emotionally distant husband. He feels that he need not put in the effort, because you will always be there. You must come at this from a different angle.

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Can a Cheating Spouse Change? How Likely Are They to Cheat Again?[Infographic]

can a cheating spouse change

Your partner has been experiencing mood swings and has been secretive. They isolate themselves from you instead of connecting with you and talking to you about their day. After months of this behavior, you’ve finally figured out that your spouse cheated on you.

Now what? Can a cheating spouse change?

You want to make the relationship work, but you’re worried that they might cheat again. You’re also not sure of the best way to go about repairing your relationship. You’ve heard the phrase “Once a cheater, always a cheater” for as long as you can remember. Do you make the relationship work if your partner is just going to cheat again?

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A Family’s Love

family quotes“You can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.” We have all heard this saying before and we know it’s true. Unfortunately, this is often quoted when there is some kind of discrepancy between family members.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Make A Decision

roadblocks to believing in yourselfWe have the opportunity to make choices every day of our life. Some are simple choices, coffee, or tea?  Which color suit should I wear? Do I want to sleep in this Saturday morning?

It’s not always so easy

Other choices may have more severe consequences. Quitting a job, leaving a relationship, continuing to participate in potentially dangerous behaviors. These types of choices can have devastating effects on our lives and the people around us and should be thought out carefully before committing to them.

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