Overcoming These Roadblocks to Self-Care is Not Only Beneficial, But Imperative For Improving Your Self-Care Practices

roadblocks to self-care for women

It is very common for women to nurture everyone else but themselves. We can dedicate our energy and find time where there is none to help our kids, friends, bosses, and family but we can never seem to find time for our own needs.

Everything else ranks higher. The concept of self-care is lost amid the needs of everyone and everything else that is constantly bombarding us with big things to worry about.

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How to Make Your Self Care a Top Priority (Even When You’re Dealing With Your Partner’s Infidelity)

self-care for womenCaring For Yourself is The Basis For Wellness in All Facets of Yourself And Your Life

You know there’s nothing more devastating than finding out your husband cheated on you. Shock, disbelief, anger and depression take over your life and it feels like you’ll never stop feeling the pain.

So many women have been in your shoes. In fact, 60% of married men cheat! That means although this is a very private matter between you and your husband, you’re definitely not alone in this. So, what do other women do? The ones who, like you, find themselves in the terrible position of being cheated on?

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You Can Do It: Understanding And Overcoming Low Self-Esteem After He Cheated

low self-esteem after he cheated

Today I want to help you triumph over a very common problem that almost all betrayed wives face… overcoming low self-esteem after he cheated on you.


Two things will likely happen to you once the affair is out in the open:


1.       Your self-esteem will take a major hit after his affair comes to light?

2.       You’ll soon start to wonder if you’ll ever feel good about yourself again.


There’s this tendency for wives struggling to get over the fact that their husband cheated on them to feel unworthy and insecure.

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