How To STOP Feeling So hurt, angry and confused Over Your Partner’s Infidelity (And Start Healing)

your partner infidelity

Infidelity is not something someone thinks of when they get into a relationship. No one ever thinks it could happen to them until it does. That is why there are so many mixed emotions that follow when you find out your partner had been unfaithful.

It is like being on a roller coaster.

One minute you are okay, the next you feel worse than you ever have before. Especially when you recall the lies they told you.

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20 Smart Ways to Increase Emotional Intimacy in Your Relationship after Infidelity


emotional intimacy after infidelity

There are moments in a relationship when something feels off. You try to confront your partner about the things you are feeling and all they tell you is more of the same. After time you begin to feel like you are the crazy one.

Especially when they make it seem like you are being over paranoid and delusional.

Then the bomb drops and you find out that everything they have been telling you is a lie. The trust you once had in them is gone. Your life is turned upside down and it seems like you can’t breathe.

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How to Deal with the Mess of Conflicting Emotions About Your Adulterous Spouse

Adulterous Spouse

When you find out you have an adulterous spouse the mess of conflicting emotions you’ll have are so enormous that many people describe it like a roller coaster, or being in a small boat on a rough sea. You’re going to feel unlike yourself for a while. It’s going to take time to move on from this because your trust has been broken, and you’ve been hurt in a bad way.

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How to Recover from an Affair Even if You Were Completely Blindsided

how to recover from an affair

One of the most pervasive myths is that affairs only happen to bad marriages. This myth is perpetuated by all of us. We try to help people learn how to recover from an affair and get their marriages back on track and sometimes people take the advice as if that means something was wrong with them and that’s why their husband or wife cheated.

While sometimes affairs can be a sign that something was deeply wrong with the marriage, sometimes a cheating incident has nothing whatsoever to do with the marriage or the victim. Sometimes people in happy marriages cheat. They do it because it’s just easier today to get away with it and find someone to cheat with. It may have seemed exciting at that moment, but probably empty later.

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