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Like most young girls of my generation, I dreamed of marrying my Prince Charming and riding off into the sunset to live happily ever after. Unfortunately, I was the victim of infidelity in my marriage.

The circumstances were unique – there was a temporary distance between us in geography, and when it first happened, I knew deep down what was happening. I just hoped that once we reunited, we would get back on track and everything would work out for the best.

Back then, I understood very little about infidelity. I was much younger and inexperienced in this topic, so I lost my husband to his new lover.

Over the years, I healed from the pain of this loss, but it became my mission to educate myself about repairing marriages where infidelity has occurred, so that I could teach other couples how to heal.

Today, there’s a lot of help for men and women who have caused or been victimized by infidelity. There’s no need for you to suffer in silence due to the shame that you feel.

There are many couples who never go to the effort to repair the damage that’s been done. That’s why the statistics are so grim for infidelity healing. But you’re here. You’re already proving that this marriage is worth it to you, so you’re going to be one of the lucky ones who recovers. All you need is some guidance, and I’m here to hold your hand – whether you were the one cheated on or the one doing the cheating.

This is not a place for blame. This is a place for healing. Some of you may find that it’s best to move on separated, while others intend to stay together. Either way, by the time we’re finished, your heart will no longer be shattered and you will have picked up the pieces and be ready to start the next phase of your journey.

Don’t put it off. The one thing I know is that the sooner you begin repairing things, the better. Waiting only widens the divide.

I know what you’re going through. I know the trauma you’re feeling. Rest assured there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I can help renew your optimism.

While no one can guarantee the outcome of your story, the evidence is clear that where shattered hearts can be put together, a stronger marriage often results.

It is impossible to know at the outset whether adultery is the harbinger of death in a marriage or a life altering wake up call that leads to a fresh start, but it is my hope that you’ll be comforted by the stories of those who have walked the path and come out stronger for the experience.

Recovering from infidelity is not impossible. With work, marriages can indeed recover and even flourish after the rift that betrayal opens has been repaired.

I invite you to begin your journey to recovery by downloading the “Overcoming Infidelity Kit.”

The kit includes a comprehensive guide, checklist and worksheet – all designed to walk you through the process and the stages of recovery that are common to relationships recovering from infidelity.

Take control of your marriage today and put yourself back on the road to happiness and download your free kit today.

To Your Fresh Start,

C Mellie Smith

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  1. I am heartsick. 24 years married. 3 great kids. Two very stressful years with a death in family and other family issues but I felt it brought us closer than ever. Only to find out he was having an emotional affair. The husband of the woman called our home. My husband came clean. Said he wanted to telll me the guilt he felt was horrible. We agreed to work on our marriage. A month went by, the husband found my email somehow and contacted me direct about “the affair your husband is having with my wife”. He tried to Email several times to see what I knew. If more than him. Told him I could no longer do it. Too painful and not productive rehashing things. We wanted to work on our marriage. Holidays coming up. All parties agreed to stop communicating. I wonder if it has stopped tho. This woman was pursuing my husband hard. Yes it takes two bit she was painting the image of herself, Miss Wonderful. She wasn’t happy in her marriage. Has two young kids that she seemed to resent for ruining her party lifestyle. At first, after the phone call, it was don’t leave. I love you. Our family. A month went by and the husband contacted me directly and said it was still going on. Then it seemed like he wanted out…. but it was just the beginning of December. A family trip planned for Christmas. I did not want to be the reason our kids hated Christmas. We decided to get through the holidays. Supposedly it was he didn’t have a decision. A magic wand knowing. Wasn’t going to be December 26th and gone. It was excruciating holding this all in through the holidays. Still is. He is saying he needs time. His brain is scrambled. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He is that type of person too. My worry is I am the obligation, mother of his kids. He doesn’t want to hurt them. Or me I guess because of the years together. Now he suddenly tells me we had a problem communicating. Yes we have quiet times. I try to get him to talk but it’s he’s too tired from work and talking all day, wants to relax and not think. Ok I get it. So I sit. Or he despises his mother and her incessant talking and I didn’t want to be a reminder of that. So I wait for him to initiate. Now he says we don’t talk… don’t communicate… he says he is part to blame. I feel he doesn’t want to communicate with me. I asked him to go to therapy. He won’t. Doesn’t feel talking to someone will make him want to talk to me. Says he loves me. I get hugs a lot, holds my hand again says he loves me, will really look at me and remohazise it. Still have great sex, better than ever. So I just don’t understand it. All I do is cry. Trying to hold it together for my kids youngest is over 10 oldest college). Feel like I’m on pins and needles. What is the right or wrong thing to do with him? We have many projects in the works for our future. What happens a to those? I love him so much and anticipate a life of growing old together. I feel like an obligation now. He just doesn’t want to be the bad guy and hurt me. Hurt anyone. I always put our kids first. Wanted to be a good mom. Good wife. Told him to get away with the guys when he could, he works hard. I work from home, it’s a lot of work but I do it. I’ve tried to be the best of everything to everyone and feel like I failed so miserable and am going to be alone while he sails off into the sunset with his younger, more fun, more conversation, replacement for me. I just need some sort of input. Some sort of help. I haven’t told a soul about any of this. I can’t. Embarrassment of being a failure. And odd thing is he is a great man. I don’t want people, friend or family to think badly of him… I’m the one who failed. Someone please help me because I am getting eaten from the inside out. Guess the only perk to all of this is the 25 pounds I’ve lost lol… try to see a little humor in everything… I want to contact the husband to see if he knows if they have been in touch. But if my husband found out it would be I didn’t trust him in what he said. I am so paranoid about everything. Night time is the worst. Anxiety like I am crawling out of my skin. Someone please help me…

    • Infidelity is very painful to deal with. My best advice is to get help sooner rather than later. Talk to your spiritual advisor, a counselor or trusted friend/family member. There are so many options available for helping people in your situation. All the best.

    • You should seek counseling without him. The one thing that I learned is that the only thing you have control of is you. Midlife crisis is no joke.

    • Natalie,
      I’m sorry for what you’re going through. My situation is very similar.
      How are you now?
      If you need to talk I’d be more than happy to listen.

  2. This breaks my heart to read the sentence that you are the one who failed. I am six months in from d day and it has taken a lot for me to stop blaming myself. The unknown is so frightening and it feels like everything you understood about your life is so mixed up. Self care seems to be when I find my most comforting moments.

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