Are You Struggling to Cope with The Emotional Affair of Your Wife? Is There Still Hope to Heal the Breach?

emotional affair of your wife

What Does it Mean When Your Wife Emotionally Connects to Another Man?

Here’s a scenario that plays out for men all over the world on a daily basis. After many years of happy marriage, your wife starts to seem distracted, distant, like her mind is off somewhere else.

She spends much of her time on the internet, maybe in a chat room. Or she stays out a lot, often with a man you don’t know very well and she claims is just a friend.

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When He Leaves for the Other Woman – How Do You Let Go When Your Heart Hurts?

When he leaves for the other woman

When he leaves for the other woman, what do you do? How can you let go when your heart hurts so much? The end of a relationship is always difficult, especially when you’re the one being left behind.

That’s what it feels like. You feel that your husband has moved on while you’re still clinging to the past, wondering what went wrong and why this happened. Honestly, you may never find the answers to those last two questions, but you can learn how to let go.

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How to Deal with the Mess of Conflicting Emotions About Your Adulterous Spouse

Adulterous Spouse

When you find out you have an adulterous spouse the mess of conflicting emotions you’ll have are so enormous that many people describe it like a roller coaster, or being in a small boat on a rough sea. You’re going to feel unlike yourself for a while. It’s going to take time to move on from this because your trust has been broken, and you’ve been hurt in a bad way.

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