A Proven Recipe For Successfully Surviving Infidelity Together

surviving infidelity together

Wondering why some couples stay together and others split up after cheating happens? Here, you’ll learn why an affair doesn’t have to mean the end of your relationship…in fact, surviving infidelity together can actually make it stronger. 


It all depends on how you and your partner approach the aftermath of a devastating affair. It’s not hard to see why most of us can’t see an upside to cheating when it comes to the health of a relationship. Continue reading…


Is Your Marriage Really Worth Saving? Doing an Honest Evaluation

save my marriage

Ask anyone who ever got married, and they’ll tell you everything started out just great.  Each spouse paid special attention to the other, and both felt loved, appreciated, and fulfilled.

Skip ahead ten years and for many married couples it’s a different story.  Women feel ignored, men feel like their wives have given up, and nobody feels that special feeling that comes with young love.

But does that mean a marriage is over? Continue reading…


Am I Stupid to Want to Save my Marriage?

save my marriageIf you have recently discovered that your spouse cheated on you, your first thought likely goes straight to divorce.

After all, they say that “once a cheater, always a cheater”, right?

Not to mention the embarrassment of your friends and family knowing that you’re even thinking of staying with the cheater.

There are so many things to think about when you find out your spouse cheated. Continue reading…


50 Ways to Crush the Things That Are Keeping You From Happiness And The Relationship You Deserve


Married couples whose lives have been disrupted by infidelity face a certain fact: their marriage will never be the same.

Whether that leads to divorce or to a stronger marriage in the end, is in large part determined by how much effort and patience go into saving the marriage.

Partners who devote themselves to redefining their marriage after infidelity stand a fighting chance of ending up with an even better marriage than they had before.

One thing both professionals and those who have been there before you agree on is that you will need to alter your habits. Continue reading…


5 Concepts to Wrap Your Brain Around That Could Save Your Marriage

marriage relationship adviceWe all hate rules, but if you’re married, there may come a point when there are a certain few to abide by. That point comes when your marriage is starting to falter and you’re not sure how to go about the tricky process of fixing things before it’s too late.

Here we have some of the most effective rules of marriage, culled from the vast resources of the internet, just for you.

See if you can’t incorporate a few this week, even if you don’t yet see any signs of danger in your own marriage.

It could mean the difference between never having to worry about saving your marriage in the first place! Continue reading…