How to Solve Marriage Issues Before it’s Too Late: Proven Effective Strategies to Help You Manage The Rough Spots And Keep Your Relationship Together [Infographic]

Are marriage issues preventing you from having the marriage relationship you’ve always dreamed of?

When you find true love, it can be a glorious experience that brings feelings of ecstasy beyond your wildest imagination. Sadly, not all relationships remain that vibrant and healthy. While no relationship is perfect, some relationships deteriorate to the point where one or both of you start thinking that divorce is the only option.

Sometimes in life, situations surface that you’re unable to predict or control. In essence, many factors exist which can overflow into your marriage. Unfortunately, those factors can wreak chaos on your love and relationship. Continue reading…


25 Awesome Strategies To Help You Practice Mindful Living [Infographic]

Would you like to learn how to refresh your mind while surrounded with the chaos of dealing with the betrayal in your marriage? One of the best ways to calm your mind is by practicing mindful living, i.e. living in the now.


There are many benefits, both mental and physical, from living your life in a mindful manner. And mindfulness is a simple skill that can be easily learned by anyone.


What is mindfulness and why you should start living your life in a mindful manner?


While practicing mindfulness is widely accepted as a positive thing, it’s not quite as easy to find a definition acceptable by everyone. Continue reading…


Wife Cheated on You? Follow These Four Vital Steps to be Able to Forgive And Forget

wife cheated

Maybe it has been sometime or maybe you just found out your wife cheated on you.


The revelation left you shaken, devastated and completely broken.


Perhaps you’ve spent years creating that happy family you dreamed about, and now it all seems to be falling apart.


It hurts so much and it may seem that no one understands the pain you’re going through. With infidelity comes a feeling of grief, despair, and fear about your future. But this experience can mean a new beginning. You can pick up the pieces, recover, and emerge stronger than ever. Continue reading…


How To Create More Companionship In Your Marriage Starting Today [Infographic]

Let’s face it.

Making marriage work is a lot of work.

In fact, more work than you ever imagined when you said “I do”.

But when it’s time to rebuild the love and trust in your marriage after infidelity has rocked your world, you can’t just do nothing. Or hope and pray that things will get better with time, because they won’t.

One surefire way to get the relationship you’ve always dreamed of, is to create more companionship in your marriage.

Friendship plays an important role in any marriage. When you like the one you love, you can enjoy both romance and companionship. Continue reading…


How to Restore Trust in a Relationship Again After he Cheated on You

trust in a relationship

You want to find a way to trust him again, but giving that trust back is proving to be very hard.

How can you give your heart over to him again after you’ve been hurt so baldly?


And what if he betrays you again?


Restoring trust in a relationship after infidelity has torn it apart is an uphill battle. Trust is not blind faith, it is something that has to be earned over time. But once that trust is broken or destroyed, it must be earned back once again. Continue reading…